777 Gear CORE Nano Wallet Revisited

A couple of weeks back we had a mail call for the 777 Gear CORE Nano wallet. Since then we’ve kitted the wallet with the recommended essentials by 777 Gear. Basically how it was meant to be kitted…but by no means feel free to use what you got.

There’s only a few days left of the 777 Gear Kickstarter so go get yours!
Get yours here: 777 Gear CORE Nano Wallet Kickstarter

Here is the wallet and kit. Leatherman Squirt, ThruNite Ti3 EDC light and Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit:

Here is the CORE kitted with above EDC kit. Elastic loops for the light, part of the SERE kit and multi-tool. Some cash and patch where the ID can also go as well as some cards in the middle. What you can’t see if the SERE kit neatly stashed away in the concealed pocket behind the elastic loops. Trust us, it’s all there:

Here is the CORE Nano with the above kit folded up. Everything fits in a small little package. I mean that’s not a bad size for a wallet that has 6 cards, ID, cash, multitool, flashlight and SERE kit!

GWA Crew Visits Kitanica in Oakland

There aren’t many clothing companies left in the USA but hidden in Oakland is one of my favorite US made clothing companies, Kitanica. While in the Bay area I just had to stop by and see their inner workings.

See more of what Kitanica has to offer here:

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GWA Crew Visits Triple Aught Design in San Francisco

I recently drove up to the Bay area and decided since I was there that I would stop by one of my favorite clothing companies, Triple Aught Design. I’ve been to their store before but this time I also wanted to visit their design HQ and office. I’m familiar with their gear but now I wanted to put some faces behind the name and get a glimpse of how TAD works.

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