777 Gear CORE Nano Wallet Revisited

A couple of weeks back we had a mail call for the 777 Gear CORE Nano wallet. Since then we’ve kitted the wallet with the recommended essentials by 777 Gear. Basically how it was meant to be kitted…but by no means feel free to use what you got.

There’s only a few days left of the 777 Gear Kickstarter so go get yours!
Get yours here: 777 Gear CORE Nano Wallet Kickstarter

Here is the wallet and kit. Leatherman Squirt, ThruNite Ti3 EDC light and Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit:

Here is the CORE kitted with above EDC kit. Elastic loops for the light, part of the SERE kit and multi-tool. Some cash and patch where the ID can also go as well as some cards in the middle. What you can’t see if the SERE kit neatly stashed away in the concealed pocket behind the elastic loops. Trust us, it’s all there:

Here is the CORE Nano with the above kit folded up. Everything fits in a small little package. I mean that’s not a bad size for a wallet that has 6 cards, ID, cash, multitool, flashlight and SERE kit!

Patagonia / Crye Precision Combat Pants

Quick comparison for those who’ve been asking.

Both pants are very well made (as expected from Patagonia and Crye Precision).

Notable differences:

Knee pads: The Patagonia VIKP knee pads utilize “pull the dot” snaps which basically means you can only snap and unsnap them via a single direction. This helps prevent unwanted pad removal. The Crye Airflex slip into place and uses Velcro to secure. I find the VIKPs to be more comfortable and less cumbersome.

No rear pockets on the Patagonia pants. This forces you to carry your wallet in the front pockets. No adjustable waist and inseam on the Patagonia either. You will also find that the Patagonias (annoyingly) have a button fly. Easy to undo but a pain in the ass to rebutton especially with a Velcro waistband. Crye uses a Velcro waistband but with a zippered fly.

Overall fit and sizing:

Both pants are “high waisted” which basically means you don’t sag like casual pants, some people aren’t used to wearing pants properly so it may come to a surprise. The Patagonias are much more true to size and I believe fit better.

Below left to right, Kitanica Backcountry pants, Patagonia Level 9 Temperate Pant and Crye Precision G3 Combat Pant. All pictured in Ranger Green. Noticed they all vary in color.rgpants