GWA CPT Mk2 Coming Soon

This year I will be bringing back the CPT. I will be offering them in camel tan, classic OD, and stealth black. 3 colors times x amount of sizes makes this a big project so most of them will be custom hand made one offs. I will shoot to deliver them within 4 weeks of ordering.

For those who are new I offered these custom shirts since nobody else at the time were making them. The intention was to have a tactical tee with 2 pockets, Velcro for your patches, and a comfortable cotton tee. I could have easily made them out of Under Armour style material but that would’ve defeated the entire purpose.

Just as the original Mk1 they will all be handmade, cut & sewn in the USA, and will be on US made American Apparel cotton tees.

I will also be shooting for a $45 MSRP as last time. Stay tuned as I’m currently having new Mk2 samples sewn up.