Blue Force Gear PLATEminus

I’ve begun to see this minimal concept more and more often now in the gear industry. Crye Precision has shown off this concept last year (from what I remember) and S&S Precision has their version of it as well. Whereas I’m not completely sold on it yet, I am still open to it.

The Hypalon material used is STRONG and also being widely accepted by various gear manufactures. Crye has been using it on their JPC and I believe First Spear uses a lot of it as well. From what I can tell is that it’s definitely not cheap material but to offset the cost they laser cut it (reduces excess waste). This combined with the R&D costs definitely makes this reasonable at $175. I also hear that S.O.Tech might be doing something with it as well.

Glad to see the industry moving forward with space age materials. Remember how only a few years ago 1000D Cordura was the industry standard?